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13 July 2015

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Following a “Fatal Exception Error”, four little all-purpose robots have been considered faulty and have been marked as out-of-order. They get crazy and start fighting for their survival. Take their control in the frantic zone and leverage 4 unique stealth mechanics to catch your sly foes off-guard. Don’t be afraid to use dirty tricks to win amazing 3-minute matches across different game modes, proving that you don’t belong to the e-waste dump. Slybots: Frantic Zone is a local multiplayer dual-stick shooter: all players are looking at the same screen, but there are things that only one of them knows... Master the art of camouflage and enjoy the adrenalin rush of the most frantic zone you’ve ever seen.


The story of Slybots is one of those rare ones where the game was born before the team itself. In 2013, Ciro was going to show his game UFHO2 at consumer event GamesWeek in Milan. He felt like UFHO2 was not a game for such a show, so he decided to prototype something new specifically for the fair. Together with Ennio Pirolo, his colleague at Interactive Project at the time, they started working on something simple, with just a few key requirements: it had to be easy to pick up and play, be local multiplayer, and be fun. Slybots was born.


  • Unique stealth mechanics: they allow hidden information on a shared screen!
  • Breathless 3-minutes matches, free-for-all or team-based.
  • Features unique co-op challenges for up to 4 players. Work together covertly!
  • Dozens of scenarios tailored for the stealth mechanics.
  • Electrifying soundtrack by composer Joakim Karlberg


Slybots: Frantic Zone Trailer YouTube

Meet Slybots: Frantic Zone (Name change trailer) YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (11MB)


Awards & Recognition

  • "Selected by AESVI for the indie showcase at GamesWeek 2013" GamesWeek Milan, Italy - October 2013
  • "Selected for the showcase at Internet Festival" Pisa, Italy - November 2014
  • "Audience Award in the Made in Spain zone at Madrid GamesWeek 2015" Madrid, Spain - October 2015

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Original Soundtrack
Listen to Joakim's music on his Soundcloud soundcloud.com.

About Team ERROR

Team ERROR is a team of three born specifically to develop the game Slybots: Frantic Zone (previously called FATAL ERROR). It is made up of designer Ciro Continisio (Tiny Colossus), programmer Ennio Pirolo and composer Joakim Karlberg, working together from three different locations spread around Europe!

More information
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Slybots: Frantic Zone Credits

Ciro Continisio
Design, Programming, Graphics

Ennio Pirolo
Design, Programming

Joakim Karlberg
Music, Sound Designer

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