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Team ERROR is a team of three born specifically to develop the game Slybots: Frantic Zone (previously called FATAL ERROR). It is made up of designer Ciro Continisio (Tiny Colossus), programmer Ennio Pirolo and composer Joakim Karlberg, working together from three different locations spread around Europe!


Early history

The story of Team ERROR is one of those rare ones where the game was born before the team itself. In 2013, Ciro was going to show his game UFHO2 at consumer event GamesWeek in Milan. He felt like UFHO2 was not a game for such a show, so he decided to prototype something new specifically for the fair. Together with Ennio Pirolo, his colleague at Interactive Project at the time, they started working on something simple, with just a few key requirements: it had to be easy to pick up and play, be local multiplayer, and be fun. FATAL ERROR was born.

The team is formed

FATAL ERROR was left on its own for almost two entire years, because of Ciro and Ennio's personal jobs. In early 2015 though, they decided to put the game on Greenlight and try to make it to Steam. Ciro met Joakim Karlberg - a composer now living in his hometown Göteborg in Sweden - and proposed him to make music for the game. The three dubbed themselves "Team ERROR", and went on to make history!

Recent history

In early 2015, the game moved through Greenlight to find its way onto Steam. It was launched in Early Access, and at the end of 2015, redubbed Slybots: Frantic Zone. It'll be released at the beginning of 2016.



Slybots: Frantic Zone - Trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Selected by AESVI for the indie showcase at GamesWeek 2013" - GamesWeek Milan, Italy - October 2013
  • "Selected for the showcase at Internet Festival" - Pisa, Italy - November 2014
  • "Audience Award in the Made in Spain zone at Madrid GamesWeek 2015" - Madrid, Spain - October 2015

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Ciro Continisio
Design, Programming, Graphics

Ennio Pirolo
Design, Programming

Joakim Karlberg
Music, Sound Designer

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