A local multiplayer shooter where camouflage is
your most dangerous weapon


Slybots: Frantic Zone is a dual-stick shooter reinvented with stealth mechanics. Immerse yourself in crazy 3-minute matches, be as sly as a robot and enjoy the adrenalin rush of the most frantic zone you’ve ever seen.


  • Local multiplayer with hectic 3-minute matches
  • Single-player challenges to hone your skills
  • Different game modes: Deathmatch, Capture the Battery, Endless
  • Tight controls for the characters, physics-based mayhem on the environment!
  • 4 ingenious camouflaging mechanics, which can be combined
  • Dozens of scenarios tailored for the stealth mechanics
  • Electrifying soundtrack by composer Joakim Karlberg, & mixing by Guitar Junky


Slybots: Frantic Zone (previously known as "FATAL ERROR") was a prototype created for GamesWeek Milan in 2013. Since then, it has travelled far and wide in different game shows:


... and players seem to love it!



Slybots: Frantic Zone - Trailer



Meet Slybots: Frantic Zone!



Get in touch with us by emailing info@slybots.com

If you are press or stream on YouTube/Twitch, you can get our press kit to find out more about Slybots: Frantic Zone, and ask for a key by using dodistribute().

You can stay updated on Slybots: Frantic Zone by following the game on Twitter, or the developers of Team ERROR: @ccontinisio, @santennio and @ojabim.

If you're more of a FB person, you can put a Like on the game's Facebook Page , visit one of the guys at Guitar Junky or, finally, you can find videos on the game on Tiny Colossus' YouTube channel.

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